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About Us

    Chief Managing the office
    Secretary Assisting in office management, arranging documents, assisting in supervising office operation, and executing tasks assigned by superiors.
    Accounting Officer
    (concurrent post)
    Handling the budget, financial statement and other accounting affairs in accordance with laws and regulations.
    Personnel Officer
    (concurrent post)
    Handling the recruitment, performance evaluation, rewards and punishments and other personnel affairs of civil servants in accordance with laws and regulations.
    Household Registration
    Handling household registration, household information correction, the acquisition, loss and correction of nationality, inventory of voter information, aboriginal administration, laws and explanations regarding household registration, special remarks regarding household registration, domestic violence case management, court case management, foreign spouse administration, immigration and household movement.
    Household Administration
    Issuance of certificates, household certificates and National ID Cards, inventory of school-age children information, household registration notification, correction and statistics, general affairs, cashier, planning, mail management, seal/imprimatur, file management, applicant identity confirmation for the first-time passport application, Citizen Digital Certificate, computer information management, maternity allowance approval, service fee and fine payment, household certification in English, government organization enquiry, family and friend search, relative degree information, cross-organization service, household e-certificate, application of government letters and the management of tasks beyond other divisions’ responsibilities.


    Department Main line : 3511895 Ext.
    Chief 11
    Secretary 12
    Chief of Household Registration Division 13
    Chief of Household Administration Division 14
    Personnel Officer(concurrent post) 28
    Accounting Officer(concurrent post) 19


    Personnel in Charge Main line : 3511895 Ext.
    Election affairs, laws and regulations, and immigration notification. 15
    General affairs and the reservation of marriage registration on holidays. 16
    Issuance of household certificate in English, reading of Household Registration Application Form required by other organizations, application of government letters and assistance in accounting 17
    Legal affair management (state compensation and administrative litigation), household registration correction, administrative assistance (name correction, registration of name alternation, movement and marriage/divorce), assistance in personnel management and affairs regarding ethics. 18
    Evaluation, official website maintenance , administrative reforms and quality control. 20
    Mail management and maternity allowance. 21
    Address assignment and plate installation, certificates and government organization enquiry. 29
    Citizen Digital Certificate, identity confirmation of passport owner, family and friend search and cross-organization service, assistance in personnel management and affairs regarding ethics. 30
    Nationality and foreign spouse administration, name alternation, death notification, permanent residence permit notification. 31
    File management, Japanese Colonial Household Registration Transcription, reading of National ID Card Application Form, service fee and fine payment (including service fee system management). 32
    Demography, computers, information and relative degree information. 33
    National ID Card, personal seal, volunteers, the entry and control of large volume of certified copies of household record system, and the management of blank marriage/divorce certificate in Chinese and English. 34
    Household movement, aboriginal administration and the communication between households and police, arrangement of cross-region cases and cases which are requested to be delivered to a designated address. 36